Medical Disposables and Consumables

Ornate Lamipack is a world leader in exporting medical disposables and consumables internationally. Our innovative marketing techniques give us the global strength to ship our special product lines anywhere in the world. We are aided by the use of cutting edge technology, strong financial resources, stellar business relationships and reputation, an experienced management team, and a commitment to world-class customer service. Our company has a great deal of experience in solving the many complexities involved with importing and exporting goods internationally.

Providing excellent customer service is our number one priority. We go above and beyond to ensure that we completely understand how our competition operates, the needs of our customers, and the ever-changing trends within the import/export industry. We have set our sights on growing into a world leader for exporting medical disposables and consumables. We are convinced that we will be able to achieve that goal because we have some of the most knowledgeable and competent managers in the industry on our team.

Today, we export a broad selection of medical consumables and disposables to numerous countries throughout the world. A few of those products are listed below:

  • Absorbent Gauze (disposable)
  • Gauze Swabs (disposable)
  • Examination Gloves  (disposable)
  • Surgical Gloves  (disposable)
  • I V Cannula  with & without Wing (disposable)
  • Disposable Syringes  (disposable)
  • I.V.Sets
  • Absorbent Cotton Rolls  (disposable)

We have made it our mission to assist our customers in gaining a competitive edge in their markets by allowing them to leverage our unique value proposition and first rate customer service operations. Our customers benefit because they get quality products in a timely manner and within estimated budgets. Due to the consistent delivery of quality and value, we have built trust within our industry because we are known as a company that’s reliable and fully capable of delivering on our promises.

Ornate Lamipack continues to aggressively execute its business model and its success has enabled the company to reach new foreign markets throughout the world. We fully leverage advanced technology and the most competent talent in the industry to build the most effective export operation that can skilfully and cost-effectively navigate the process of shipping goods between countries.

We are looking forward to demonstrating to you why Ornate Lamipack is the one and only choice that’s best for your import/export need for medical disposables and consumables. To learn more about how our company can help you meet your market and profit goals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in one of the following ways: